Nevada has witnessed many significant crossings: the Shoshone, Washoe, and Paiute peoples’ seasonal migrations; pioneers traversing the Rockies and Great Basin; Pony Express riders galloping from Missouri to the west coast; prospectors shouldering their picks and shovels toward Nevada’s silver mines and California’s Gold Country; and the transcontinental railroad connecting the Great Plains to the Pacific. The University of Nevada, Reno, has also been blazing new trails for writing through its innovative competencies-based core, brand new state-of-the-art facilities for CCID and its writing center, and writing experts collaborating across programs to support and graduate excellent writers. Located on the far western edge of the Great Basin region and far eastern edge of northern California, UNR and Reno are the perfect place for a conference focused on crossing into new writing territories. Please join us for an invigorating conference on imagined, developing, and existing collaborations focused on student writing, presenting, and multimedia.

The conference will include numerous concurrent sessions from across disciplines, programs, and media; a keynote panel of notable experts; exhibitors; and other conference-related activities. See the program for information on the speakers and more.